Is It Normal For Bald Cypress To Drop Sap In The Fall And How To Remove Sap From Cars

Question From: Cape Girardeau, Missouri, United States
Q: Yes, I would like to know if it is normal for my bald cypress tree to drop sap in the fall. I would assume it is since it did the same thing last year. Also could you tell me how long the dropping of the sap lasts. I vowed I would prepare myself for it this year since I park in my driveway under the tree but it did it before I thought it would and now I have another mess to clean off of my car. It's a beautiful tree otherwise. Thanks.

A: Pat, Your native tree is doing what comes naturally. Good reason not to plant them close to driveways and sidewalks. Rubbing alcohol will take off the goo. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy

Q: Nancy -- the rubbing alcohol won't hurt my car finish??

A: It will remove any wax finish, but to my knowledge it will not hurt the paint. I would check with your manufacture for the final word. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy