Is It Rare For A Gerbera Daisy To Produce A Double Flower On One Stalk

Question From: J. SHERBY - East Brunswick, New Jersey, United States
Q: DOES THE GERBER DAISY EVER PRODUCE A DOUBLE FLOWER ON ONE STALK? OR IS THIS A RARITY? I have been growing Gerbera Daisies successfully for 5 years and this is the first time I have ever seen TWO blooms on one single stalk. Do you want to see it? do you have an email address that I can send the picture to ?? and Is this something that is rare??

A: John, I have never seen two blooms on a single stalk and I think it is highly unusual. You may send photos to Yardener (you can upload an image via the question/comment form). Would love to see it. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.

Comment: I DID some deep digging and even went to YOUTUBE and found other similar rarities... This " TWO BLOOMS ON ONE STALK"" thing is a mutation called FACIATION.; and when I youtubed it, I foind a guy that had a dandelion that went rampant..the stalk was flattened and like leather, and it had like 25 flowers.. There were others that had experience with gerbera daisies also... II went to our agricultural extension service and they said it was INDEED a rarity. but MOTHER NATURE does produce odd stuff.


Comment: This is sooooo weird, I have been growing Gerbera daisies for 5 years now, plant in Many and they bloom here in NJ up til hard frost. and I have NEVER ever seen anything like this at all... I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS YO JUST CAN"T IMAGINE !!! Thanks, John
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Response: John, you indeed have the magic touch. What are you feeding them, tell me it's not Miracle Gro.

Comment: Half strength miracle grow at this time of the year seems to boost the bloomability and YES that's what I use at this time of year ..... We are still getting temps in the 60's so I usually try to force the blooms till the bitter end, and Miracle Gro seems to keep the leaves dark green and the flowers a -poopin. You D I D get the pictures right ?? . . . Dillon the Abies Balsamea we transplanted from the Adirondack mountains 3 years is taking off and setting His buds for next year... I have a ""Deflector cover for him for the winter and like last year, he seems to be moving right along... PS the Gerbera Daisy is in full bloom and it's turning ORANGE !! . . PPS Rutgers Extension Service, and the head professor in the Ag division doesn't have anyone currently working on a doctorate paper on mutations, or genetics or propagation or any of that stuff.... I plan on digging up and getting "" GERTRUDE "" ( The Gerbera Daisy) to SOME University locally before she goes to seed so she can be studied... I will keep you posted...