Is It Too Late In Season To Feed Tomato Plants

Question From: K. Getchell - MICHIGAN
Q: Is it too late in the season to feed my tomato plants? I have two that I planted late, after letting them stress in pots for a couple of months and they haven't produced fruit yet. I'm still hopeful because there are a few buds and the plants came from an Amish greenhouse in MO. (part of the reason for the stress. Two weeks in MO, plane ride home and then letting them sit on the patio). They called them candy stripes and are very good. Did I totally blow it? Don't ever leave the Homestyle Magazine. My subscription depends on your column. Kathy


Kathy -  If they are long season tomatoes, and they probably are, you missed the window of opportunity. Last year I planted a couple of test tomates sent late in the season on August 1st. Though they did produce fruit it did not have time to ripen before Jack Frost took them out. Your only hope would be to try to overwinter them indoors and take cuttings in spring. Thanks for the kind words. Best and Happy Yardening, Nancy