Is Neem Oil Rain Resistant

Question From: S. Brown - Solon Springs, Wisconsin, United States
Q: Does neem oil resist rain? If it rains how long should I wait to reapply neem? My vegetable leaves have little holes so I know the bugs are there but it rains every other day so it's hard to keep up and the neem gets expensive after awhile. Do you think homemade insecticidal soap is just as effective?

A: There is no pat answer to this question as each manufacturer uses a different formula. Most suggest that if the product has time to dry it can withstand rain. That said, a heavy downpour is another story. I would contact the manufacturer for recommendations. Home made insecticidal soap has never worked well for me, but many folks swear by it. It should be re-applied after every rain. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy