Is There A Selective Herbicide For Creeping Bluegrass That Will Not Harm Other Grass

Question From: T. Clements - Bay City, Michigan, United States
Q: There is a growing problem showing up in lawns all over and I believe it's called "creeping bluegrass." It pops up and spreads like a mat in patches large and small. It has shallow roots I understand that one has to kill it with "Roundup" or similar product then rake it out and reseed. It seems to spread more by stolons more so than rhizomes. Is this the only way to rid the lawn of this or has the "Orthos," "Bayers," and like companies come up with something that kills this and not other turf grasses. I also do landscaping chores for a funeral home and it's back again. Help!

A: Sorry Thomas, there is no herbicide that selects just this variety of grass. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.