Is Vanderwolf Pine Disease Resistant

Question From: Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Q: Nancy, I just bought and planted a vanderwolf pine. It's beautiful and we are excited to see it grow. From what I can gather online it is a hearty and vigorous tree. We live in the benches of the wasatch mountains in SALT LAKE, which the tree seems to be a local grower. This tree has 5 needles grouping, does that make the pine more susceptible or fragile than other pines with 2 or 3 groupings? From what I can gather 2 and 3 groupings tend to be infected more by insects, blight and fungus. Thank you for your assistance!

A: Vanderwolf pine is said to be disease resistant when planted properly. Give it full sun and do not plant it where other pines will shade part of it. This is a common mistake people make. Do be sure to keep it watered the first year. The soil should me moist not sodden. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.