Is Wild Garlic Invasive And Difficult To Remove

Question From: G. Clites - MICHIGAN
Q: Last week, your freep column was about wild garlic (I think). You mentioned its use in flavoring several foods. You did not mention how invasive and difficult to get rid of it is. It is prolific beyond my belief. The only way that I found to destroy it was to dig it up and absolutely crush all the big and tiny bulbs. I thought it was cute, and we did harvest some, at first. Then, it became a battle. As I write this, I am not sure who won that "war". Thank you for your columns. My wife, too, is a master gardener. I respect your vocation or avocation.

A: Greg, If you harvest those scapes before they bloom it will be unable to reseed and spread. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.