Italian Stone Pine Tree Periodically Drops Gobs Of Tiny Black Round Mushy Balls

Question From: C. Anderson - Davis, California, United States
Q: I have a very large Italian Stone Pine that periodically drops gobs of tiny black, round mushy balls. They cover the area below the tree and make a huge mess. Some of them splat when they hit the ground. Some stay roundish and I can sweep those up. What is this, and can I prevent it?

A: Stone pines do not grow where I live, but what you describe is probably a fungal disease of some sort. If it were my tree I would get and on-site inspection from a certified arborist, a trained tree doctor. You can find a trained professional in your area at Best Nancy and thanks for visiting

Comment: Thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate it. Since I wrote to you last, my Redwood tree on the other side of my home has also begun dropping these black seed-like things. It has never done this before, so I will consult an Arborist. Many thanks again, Candy