Japanese Andromeda Leaves Are Turning Yellow And Dropping And Parts Have Turned Brown And Died

Question From: P. Anderson - Binghamton, New York, United States
Q: I have about a half dozen Japanese andromeda. Most all of them are having problems with yellowing leaves that are dropping and parts that have turned brown and died. These are mostly very mature plants. I've read about the possibility that the soil could be the problem and I will check it. I have fertilized with the same that I use on the rest of the acid loving plants. Is there something else that I should be looking for? Thank you so much. I am in zone 5 btw

A: If you have been mulching them with a good organic mulch such as pine bark or wood chips, you have been feeding the soil over the years. If not, begin now. Three to four inches deep and 4 inches from the stems is recommend. A layer of compost - 1./4 to and an inch underneath will get Mother Nature cooking. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.