Japanese Beetle And Grub Control

Question From: D. Miller - Saint Clair Shores, Michigan, United States
Q: Hi Nancy: Japanese beetles attack my rose bushes every year - 10-12 will attach to a rose. I have tried sprays but don't like spraying anything around the house as one never knows how toxic they can be to humans or pets. Someone once told me that I probably have grubs as the two are related. For 20 years, no beetles but last five, lots! Please explain and advise. Thanks. PS: enjoy your column in the paper.

A: Go to Yardener.com and enter problems with Japanese Beetles in the search box and you will find several chapters that cover what you need to know. There is no method of control that will completely rid your garden of these pests as the grubs also live in neighbor's lawns. Do not use traps as they attract the bugs from other yards. Good Luck Nancy