Japanese Maple Leaves Are Wilty And It Gets Plenty Of Water

Question From: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Q: I just planted a Crimson Queen Japanese Maple two days ago. Today, I notice the leaves are wilty and it is not due to lack of water. The soil was wet/damp when I planted and we have had almost daily rain since. Could this be too much water? If so, what can I do about it ? Could it be some other problem, a disease for example. I love this plant and will feel terrible if I lose it. Plus they are expensive. HELP !

A: It should not drown in two days. It will perish if the drainage is poor. If the soil is sodden, you have a problem. Hopefully the rootball was moist when you planted it. If it was leafed out and then hit by frost that would do it. It may or may not make it. Good Luck and thanks for visiting Yardener.com. Nancy