Japanese Maple Leaves Turned Orange On Ends And Curl And Wine And Roses Wiegela Has Off White Substance On Stems And Leaves

Question From: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Q: I planted a Japanese red laceleaf maple in May of 2009. For the past 2 years, the leaves have turned orange on the ends and curl, but don't fall off. I pruned it severely several years ago and new branches have not formed since. Also, my 3-year old wine and roses weigela has off-white substance--looking like sawdust--on 2 stems and their leaves. Is this scale? It's not a bug--no wings, no movement!

A: The Japanese Maple could be suffering lack of water and/ or wind and/or sunburn. They are understory trees and do best in part sun areas that are protected from winds. The Weigela may have powdery mildew - a fungal disease. Spraying with a fungicide will control it, but it won't clear the damage - I usually recommend Actinovate.  You can find more information on powdery mildew and actinovate on the Yardener website. Best Nancy