Japanese Maple Leaves Turned Yellow And Are Falling Off

Question From: D. Patronelli - Wake Forest, North Carolina, United States
Q: i just bought my first Japanese maple on may 30th at the local farmers market. i was told to wait till fall to plant it and then plant it in area were shade is preferable around pine trees. in the mean time leave in the bucket i bought it in and water it. now its July 6th and all the leafs have turned yellow and are falling off to a bare tree. will the tree die or can i bring it back so i can still replant it in fall.

A: Get it in the ground now, Japanese Maples are understory trees but they do need sun. Morning would be best. They also need protection from wind. Trees become pot bound in pots and must be watered daily. Sounds like you missed a few days. Will it come back, who knows? Plant it, keep it watered and hope for the best. If it is still alive it should produce a new set of leaves this season. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.