Japanese Maple Leaves Turned Yellow And Wilted

Question From: S. Gilson - Holly, Michigan, United States
Q: I have purchased a Japanese "purple ghost" maple about a month ago. It is 4-5 years old. I've had to put it in a pot in my living room due to it being winter. It was doing great it has leaves all over it. I watered it when I thought it needed water and a week ago I put water in it and all the leaves started turning yellow and wilting. I have not added any water since then. The leaves are not falling off and I am getting new leaves coming out. Did I kill my tree? Can it be saved, if so how??? Please help ASAP

A: First of all, maples are not house plants and require a cold period. I would contact a nursery or garden center that sells bonsai trees for advice at this point. Best Nancy