Japanese Pagoda Tree Root Damage

Question From: NEW YORK
Q: Does the Japanese Pagoda Tree have a tap root? I am concerned because a worker cut through a large root, about 6 inches diameter, about a foot or so under the ground running perpendicular from the tree.. The tree is at least 60 feet tall, about 40 years old. The trunk is 7 feet around and the cut occurred about 6 -8 feet from the base of the trunk, which I know is not good. Please advise, will it harm the tree at all? Is there anything I should do? (other than kill the worker) Thank You John


Chances are a tree of that size can withstand the loss of that root. Be sure to keep the tree well watered. I would mulch under the tree with good quality organic mulch made locally. Check with a local arborist for other suggestions and recommendations where to buy the mulch. An on-site inspection from a certified professional should cost in the $75 range. A big bargain. Best and Happy Yardening, Nancy