Juniper That Was Protected Indoors During Winter Is Turning Brown After Planting

Question From: Grafton, North Dakota, United States
Q: i planted a junipur tree in the middle of a 3x3 giaint pot last year, brought them into a non heated environment for the winter and did not water them. I have them outside with other flowers planted around them. They are turning brown......are they dying? is there something i can give them to bring them around?

A: They probably are dying from lack of water over the winter. If you are watering enough to keep the flowers alive they are getting enough water. Also you may have damaged roots when planting the flowers. Before storing potted trees for the winter, the pots should be well watered and allowed to drain. I like to put ice cubes on the suface of the soil. They melt when the weather warms and keep the soil moist but not sodden. There is nothing to be done but keep the soil moist. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy