Just Planted Magnolia Jane Tree Had Some Branches Ripped Off By Puppy

Question From: ILLINOIS
Q: I just got a magnolia jane tree and planted it yesterday. We have a puppy and he ripped some of the branches off but the trunk of the tree still looks good. Is there hope for this tree? The tree is only 2 1/2ft tall and has 5 branches left will new branches grow in the spots where the old ones were? Really need all the help i can get:(

A: Your damaged tree should be okay if the scars are not too large. Do not paint them. Let nature take its course. Just be sure to keep it watered and mulch with 3 inches of pine bark. I'd also put a one inch layer of quality compost on the surface of the soil before mulching. Than put a fence around the mulched area:-). New branches will not grow were the other were removed. Trees grow from the top. This fall fertilize the tree with Holly Tone by sprinkling the fertilizer on the mulch. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy