Keep Princettia Happy With Grow Light Exposure Every Few Days

Question From: Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States
Q: HI Nancy - I read your column this weekend and you sound down in the dumps. I wish you a nice holiday and remember that "this too shall pass"; you will be back to your cheerful, energetic self soon!! I had a princettia last year and it lost way too many leaves way too early. I returned it to English Gardens and they were happy to replace it with a regular pointsettia as a number of people had problems with the princettia. I hope yours will do better than mine did last year. Sending you cheer, love and peace! Thanks for your column; I appreciate you!

A: Thanks for the kind words Louise. So far my princettia is doing well. I must admit I do put it under a grow light for a 'sun bath' every few days. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy