Keifer Pear Leaves Turn Yellow And Leaves And Fruit Fall Off Well Before Fruit Has Ripened

Question From: J. Keifer - Norfolk, Virginia, United States
Q: I have a Keifer pear tree. Each year it produces many blossoms and pears, but after a few months the leaves turn yellow then die and the leaves and the pears all fall off, well before the pears are ripe. I live in Norfolk Va. What should I do. Thanks

A: Keifer pears are do not ripen on the tree, John. Grown for canning and preserves, they should be picked while firm and yellow-green in color and stored at 60 to 70 degrees F. to finish ripening. Do a bit more research on use of Keifer pears for more information. To find a good eating pear for you area of the country go to the Stark Brothers website at Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.