Knockout Rose Bush Leaves Are Long Skinny And Curly And Flowers Turn Brown And Die Before Fully Opening

Question From: L. Smith - Washington, Indiana, United States
Q: I have a lot of knockout rose bushes and they are really going through something right now and last year also. The leaves are coming out on them very long and skinny and curly and they have some flowers that do not develop all the way before turning brown and dying. What is the cause and what can I do about it?

A: Sad to say your Knock Outs have rose rosette disease, a lethal virus for which there is no cure. It's spread by a minute thrip. Dig out the plants, all the roots included, carefully bag them up and put them in the trash. Clean all your tools with rubbing Alcohol. I'd wait until spring to replant. Best Nancy and thanks for visiting Yardener.