Lambs Ear Has White Creamy Blobs Underneath And Yellow Spots On Leaves

Question From: Denver, Colorado, United States
Q: I found some sort of white, creamy blobs under some lamb's ear in my rock garden while pruning for fall. One of the plants' also has some yellow spots on it's leaves. What is going on and how do I take care of it?

A: The creamy white blobs may be slime mold. Yuck. Won't hurt you or the plants and there is not a cure. It usually just goes away. The yellow spots are probably rust. At this time of year I'd cut the plants back to the ground and the problem is solved. Do clean up all the plant waste around the plants. Keep a sharp eye on them next spring and if the rust returns go to your local independent garden center to get an organic pesticide and use it according to the package directions. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy