Landscape Planning For A Simple Front Yard

Question From: C. Passage - South Lyon, Michigan, United States
Q: Landscaping planning for a simple front daughter just bought an older home in Grand Rapids with a boxed out area for plantings, very sandy soil there. We need some simple help for some plantings, foundation shrubs. Is there a website you recommend? We are not ready to do a big redo and hire a landscaper.

Hi Nancy, this is John Davis, I have been unable to find a reference/link for the book you mention ("Landscaping With Confidence") - is the book name correct and are you able to provide a link?  Thanks, John.

A: Unfortunately I can't help you with this one. However, there are lots of good independent garden centers in the Grand Rapids area and many offer free services with the purchase of plants. Take lots of pictures and a plot plan to scale. The book Gardening with Confidence is a good place to start. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.