Large Alder Tree Threatening Neighboring Property

Question From: R. Hildre - WASHINGTON
Q: We haved an Alder tree which has now grown to about 50'. It is right on the property line of my neighbor with some of the roots over on their property and it looks like the root/s are headed for his drive way. The rest of the roots are on our property and skimming along the surface. Our main concern is safety and protecting our neighbors property and home. Our lot is all trees with a lot of Alder so if it falls the good way no damage will be done. Appreciate your help.


I recommend you have the tree, in fact all your trees inspected by a certified arborist. He/She will be able tell you the condition of the tree and give you an educated guess as to your possible liability. In my area the cost is around $75. A blind guess could cost you thousands. Best of Luck and Happy Yardening, Nancy