Large Blue Spruce Trees Getting Thin And Dying In Middle

Question From: S. Shell - Utica, Michigan, United States
Q: Hi Nancy I have several blue spruce pine trees lining my side yard. A few years ago I noticed a couple were getting thin and dying in the middle. I called Camelot Tree Service and they diagnosed tree fungal disease and started spraying. They indicated they could be saved. Now they look worse than ever and it has spread to the other pines. I rely on these large trees for privacy sun protection etc. what can I do?

A: Sadly, I have no answers for you. Colorado Blue spruce are under attack from cultural issues, weather and new diseases that attack the trees in stress. The fungal diseases of Colorado Blues do not attack other species. I suggest you get another opinion ASAP. My choice would be Kay Sickenader from Owen's Tree Service. (800) 724-6680. Best Nancy and thanks for visiting