Large Boxwood Bushes Turning Yellowish Brown And Rhododendron Has Curled Leaves

Question From: ILLINOIS
Q: We have large boxwood bushes that have some yellow/browning happening. Which fertilizer should we use? Also a struggling rhododendron with curled leaves. Help? Thanks

A: Fertilizer may do more harm than good at this point. You need to find out why your plants are struggling. Lack of moisture over the winter may have been the cause. Frost damage - an untimely frost after a period of warm weather that stimulates new growth or salt damage are all issues that come to mind. Remove the dead material, keep them well watered and see how they do. Put a layer of good compost and inch thick on the surface of the soil around them and mulch with 3 inches of pine bark. In fall fertilize with Espoma Holly Tone for acid loving plants. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy