Late Blooms And When To Prune Hydrangea

Question From: MARYLAND
Q: Thank you for your answer to my question about azaleas. I have another question about hydrangeas. I have two bushes planted on the damp, shady side of the house and my question is--when they are finished blooming, should I cut them back, and if so--how far? I didn't cut them back the season before last and this spring and summer there were no blooms, only green leaves and the plants grew larger. However, in the late summer, early fall they had tons of light green and burgundy color blooms, which only lasted a few weeks. Could you tell me the proper care for them in order for them to bloom normally? And what causes the blooms later on and the color? Thank you.


Sherry, When to prune depends on the kind of hydrangea you have. Take one of the blooms to your local independent garden center for an ID. If it is a big leaf it begins to form flower buds about the end of July. Prune it now and it will not bloom next year. You don't need to prune it. Late blooming was probably a weather related issue. Unusually warm weather early in the season and excessive heat and drought this year was probably the culprit. Best Nancy