Lawn Is Uneven And Bumpy

Question From: s. gros - CALIFORNIA
Q: I am in california and my lawn is Tall Fescue. I have owned the home for 5 years and do all of my own care. I regularly fertilize every 6 to 8 weeks. The last 6 weeks I have noticed that my lawn is uneven and bumpy. I examined my Mower blade and sharpened it. Remowed the lawn and have not noticed any change. What is causing this?


California is like another world Steve. Bumpy lawns are often caused by gophers or another animal tunneling under the turf. Check around and see of you have tunneling. If so, go to your local garden center for advice on how to rid your yard of gophers. I've never heard of fertilizing lawn every 6 to 8 weeks. Do you have to mow it twice a week? I fertilize with a slow release fertilizer twice a year. Best and Happy Yardening, Nancy