Leaves Of Begonia That Was Brought Indoors Have White Splotches And Are Dropping Off

Question From: Ardsley, New York, United States
Q: White splotches on leaves of fibrous root bronze leaf Begonia houseplant? I had to put it outdoors for 2 weeks in early Oct. for the first time. It looked OK when I brought indoors. Now leaves are dropping off. At first, it was on only one plant. Now white splotches are on another pot of same Begonia that's many rooms away. What to do? I received this as a tiny plant from a good friend now passed away. I've given friends plantsI made from from cuttings. I'd hate to lose it the original plant.

A: Sounds like exposure to cold and or sunlight may have caused damage to the leaves. The white splotches, if fuzzy or powdery looking may be powdery mildew. Do not fertilize them or overwater them. Worst thing you can do. Put them in a cool room with bright light. Spray the leaves - both sides with the fungicide Serenade. It's non-toxic and OMRI listed. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy