Leaves Of New Growth On White Crepe Myrtle Seem Smaller And Have Yellow Splotches Between Veins

Question From: S. Hadden - Long Beach, Mississippi, United States
Q: I have a 3 yr old white crepe myrtle. I noticed something new this year. I have not pruned last year and the tree looked fine this spring. I now have quite a lot of new growth, but where the new growth is; it is very different looking leaves. They are smaller and have yellow splotches on each leaf. The splotches are in between the veins of each leaf. Each and every leaf has these splotches on all new growth. It looks like the new growth has been grafted on the old growth. Very strange. Could you please help me.

A: Take a cutting of the leaves to your local independent nursery or garden center that sells these plants for an Id. We cannot grow crepe myrtles in Michigan so I have little experience with them. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy