Leaves Of Recently Transplanted Magnolia Tree Are Turning Brown And Yellow And Cracking

Question From: Gansevoort, New York, United States
Q: I have a Leonard Messel magnolia tree. When I bought it, some of the leaves appeared burnt on the outer edges. The garden shop didn't mention it, nor did their planter. But now that it's planted, after a few weeks, I see quite a few leaves that are browned as if they're burnt, to the point of cracking and yellowing into the green area of the leaves. I'm hoping it's just that fall is approaching. I reside in upstate New York, and it's been an abnormally hot summer. Do you have any suggestions for treatment? Thank you.

A: Sounds like the tree was not watered properly when you bought it. The best thing to do for it now is make sure that rootball remands moist but not sodden at all times. Do not fertilize it for a year and if you have a guarantee, save it. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy