Leaves Of Some Viburnums Are Eaten Until Just Their Veins Remains And They Look Like Lace

Question From: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Q: I have three korean spice viburnums whose leaves are aggressively eaten away so they look like lace that is the veins remain. There are small (2mm) bumps on the stems that do not look like typical scale. Adjacent viburnums (willow wood, prague, and uncertain species) are not affected. I can find no larva or beetles on the plants. A dwarf cranberry viburnum is similarly affected but much less so. Of note, these viburnums are significantly shaded by adjacent dogwoods which have grown around them and fortunately still look healthy.

A: Richard, Sadly I do not have special powers. In my yard some shrubs are suffering the same symptoms. Japanese beetles. They are not always obvious. Shake the bush and you may see them fly off. On my Oak Leaf Hydrangea, they are only eating leaves on branches that are stunted from winter kill. They pick and choose. Scale do not eat leaves they are suckers. Get some yellow sticky traps at your local garden center and hang them on the bushes to find out just what is eating your shrubs. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.