Leaves On Older Honeysuckle Growth Is Turning Brown At Ends And Edges

Question From: Sandgate, , United Kingdom
Q: Hi last season i cut back my honeysuckle as it did not seem to grow new leaves without them turning brown at the ends and around the edges.it has regrown really quickly and well up till now!! Although the plant looks very healthy and all the new leaves are fine, the ones in the middle and bottom have browning leaves, as before, and a few are turning yellow with small brown dots on them. There is plenty of new growth. Please help as I dont want to loose the plant!! Many thanks and kind regards.

A: Sounds like a fungal disease Aileen. Bag up a few sample cuttings and take them to you local independent nursery for a more accurate Id and recommendation of a product that is an effective cure. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy