Lilac Leaves Turn Brown At Edges And Curl Upward

Question From: c. henn - Pennsylvania, United States
Q: Nancy, I have lilac bushes planted in two different spots in my yard. The leaves on all of the lilacs are turning brown at the edges and curling upward. Could you tell me why they are doing this. They were fine last year.

A: Lilac leaves turn brown at the edges from lack of water. Herbicide damage, such 24D, sprayed on the plant will also cause it. This can occur when liquid weed killer is sprayed on the lawn and it drifts on to shrubs. It can also translocate through the soil. Spraying fertlilizer on the leaves in hot weather will also do it. Too much water also causes cupping. So it could be more than one issue. Lilac fungal disease is also a possibility. Look for markings in the stems. Do not fertilize them. Make sure the plants do not get dry and check them closely in spring. Take a sample to your local independent garden center. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.