Lily Buds Look Like They Were Bitten Off

Question From: MICHIGAN
Q: some of my lilies lost their buds this year and some didn't. they look like they were bitten off. I do not have deer where I live (very urban) so it's not them. I asked my garden group and we had a robust exchange of 30 emails. One gave a link to an MSU site that says it could be a lily leaf beetle (liliocerus Lily). I did notice a red bug on two of the plants and thought it was a lady bug. Could this be the culprint? If so, how can I protect my plants next year. the lily most affected was Casa Blanca but also a beautiful dark pink one called 'black' something. thanks.

A: Beetles don't bite off entire lily buds. My guess is you do have deer and they are visiting at night. I use Plantskydd animal repellant. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy