Linden Tree Has White Powdery Spots On Bark And Is Not Growing Leaves On Interior

Question From: S. Albrecht - Forest Lake, Minnesota, United States
Q: We have a linden tree which is giving leaves on the ends of branches, but not the interior of the tree. Also we have noticed that there are white powdery spots (fungus?) on the bark of the branches and higher on the trunk. What is the best treatment for this and is the tree able to be saved?

A: I recommend you enlist the services of a trained tree doctor- a certified arborist for an onsite inspection. The white spots - if they are fuzzy may be mealy bugs - or the tree may have a fungus. the loss of leaves indicates there is more going on. Most trees suffered a great deal of stress last summer as a result of heat and drought. In their weakened state they are vulnerable to many ills. You need a pro to sort them out. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.