Linden Trees Are Dripping Sticky Stuff That Causes Lots Of Trouble

Question From: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Q: Hi Nancy, I have two large linden trees in the front yard. I just moved in last November. I am having a heck of a time with these trees. the sap that drips from these trees are seizing up my wipers on my car I am getting an infestation of ants and earwigs. The stickiness from the sign-up is causing my front porch to be surrounded in flies in bees and wasps my husband has a deadly allergy to wasps not to mention the continual constant cleaning. The leaves have been falling at a steady rate from this tree since July we are now entering September shortly and the leaves are still falling. first I want to know if this is normal secondly the trees are on city property and because of my husbands allergy, the earwigs and the ants is there anything that I can do not to mention that it's killing my grass I would love to take these trees down in plant two other trees but they belong to the city on my front yard is there anything I can do to make my stay here a little bit easier and my husband a little safer? I did call the city and mentioned to them everything I'm telling you but the gentleman told me that as far as they're concerned if they're healthy trees they will not take them down however they are going to send out an arborist but what can I do in the meantime if they don't do anything

A: My guess is the "sap" is actually honey dew, a sweet liquid exuded from certain insects, usually aphids. I suggest you hire your own arborist to give you an onsite inspection and recommendations. I usually recommend folks go to the tree care industry association website ( in the US. I am not familiar with professional associations in Canada. I do know that pesticides are outlawed in Canada, except for use by professionals. I'd contact the Royal Botanical Garden in Hamilton for advice. In the mean time, hosing the leaves down with a stiff spray of water will wash away some of the honey dew and knock down some of the insects. Good Luck, Nancy