Linden Viburnum Seems Healthy But Does Not Grow

Question From: Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Q: Linden Viburnum - I have this plant about 3 years. The leaves seem perfectly healthy but its only grown about 18 inches. has no flowers in spring, summer or fall. It gets filtered sun with 6 hours of direct sun daily. I admit I haven't given it any time of fertilizer. What could be its problem. It is in the middle of the yard because I thought it would grow tall and fill out.

A: This has me stumped, since Linden Viburnums are considered weedy and can be invasive. Generally viburnums do not need regular fertilizing to thrive. Excessive heat, lack of water and/or use of herbicides on nearby lawns may be part of the problem. Check this website for more information on the Linden Viburnum: Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy