Liriopes Have Brown Leaf Tips

Question From: A. Parks - Ormond Beach, Florida, United States
Q: Hi. All of my liriopis, no matter location, have all of the tips either chewed off or rotted somehow. Insects maybe? Only on the tips, all the way around the entire plant. Otherwise they appear normal in color and seem to be growing normally. Some get direct sun, som in the shade. Have a 6 zone watering system so irrigation is fine. Climate is North Florida 2 miles from the ocean. I do use a professional lawn/plant spray company-same for 5 years. No changes otherwise to many other neighboring plants. Any ideas?
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A: Looks like tip burn to me, I'd take samples of blades and photos - need some closer up, to your independent garden center that sells these plants for a more accurate Id. I am not familiar with plant issues in Florida, no products sold in that state to deal with them. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy