London Plane Tree Roots Are Destroying Sidewalk Driveway And Yard

Question From: CALIFORNIA
Q: The city planted a London plane as a street tree in front of my house. It grew quickly but the roots have buckled my side walk, uneven my lawn, pushing my driveway up and may effect my foundation. The city said the tree is healthy so will not remove it . They planted it maybe 15 years ago the tree is huge. What can I do? Want the roots to stop destroying my property. If I cut branches around bottom area will it cause it to grow more and more roots? Help!

A: Removing branches will not deter the spread of the roots. I suggest you get the advice and an onsite inspection by a certified arborist. They can remove some of the the roots and recommend options.. To find an arborist in your area go to and enter your zip code. .Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy