Low Water Pressure Sprinklers Versus Soaker Hose

Question From: M. Mallett - WASHINGTON DC
Q: We just had new vinca plants installed to cover a steepish bank in front of our home. We've been advised to water it every 3 days or so. We have low water pressure so the sprinkler covers a very small area and it takes hours to cover the whole bank of new plants. I'm wondering if weaving a soaker hose around the bank could do the trick?


A soaker hose is not the answer. It will not cover a large area. The Rainforest ecological sprinkler may be your answer. It works with low water pressure. Check it out on at rainforestsprinklers.com. Mulching your new plantings with wood chips will help hold in moisture. Use a spade and check the depth of the moisture in to soil. After a good rain you may be able to cut back on your watering if you mulch. Check periodically to monitor the soil moisture. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.

You can find some rainforest sprinkler products online at Amazon.com if your local garden center does not carry them.

Q: Thanks for your reply. We've ordered the sprinkler you suggested (instead of cannibalizing the water from our neighbors who have enough pressure to operate our old oscillating sprinkler). The big storm that is beginning today and expected to go through Tuesday (at least) should provide a soaking that will make the sprinkler unnecessary till the new one arrives. Another question-- we live in Washington DC. As winter approaches (light snow predicted for today), we are wondering how long we should continue to water these young plants. Through the winter or just till the first freeze, beginning again in March?


I would monitor the plants throughout the winter. If your ground froze in the winter and you had snow cover you could put the hose away, but if not keep checking. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy