Lower Leaves Of Newly Planted Geranium Are Turning Yellow And Curling

Question From: H. Collier - SOUTH CAROLINA
Q: Geranium plants newly planted and lower leaves yellowing and other leaves curling - full sun south of Spain

A: If the leaves have spots and then slowly turn yellow you may have a disease. If the leaves are just turning yellow you may be overwatering. Curling can be caused by planting plants that were purchased in a green house in full sun without being hardened off. Shading the plants in the heat of the day and slowly extending the time in full sun should help. However there are other diseases that could be part the problem. I would take photos and samples of the affected leaves bagged in a baggy to an independent garden center, or better yet a nursery that grows these plants for a more accurate ID, Don't over fertilize them. Nutrient deficiency may also be an issue, but excessive nitrogen use can damage the plants. Best to fertilize them once a month with a good water soluble fertilizer, such as Jack's Classic that contains both macro and micro nutrients needed for good plant health. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy,