Magnolia And Walnut Tree Leaves Have Curled And Lost Their Color And Veins Have Turned Dark

Question From: R. Pridmore - Bacqueville-en-Caux, Normandy, France
Q: We have a well established Magnolia tree in Normandy, France which has always thrived and was doing so again this year. It flowered beautifully and the new leaves were just beginning to emerge. Then we went away for a week and when we returned we found it looking very sick. Every leaf was curling up, had lost its green colour and had a dark brown shadow travelling along the central vein and spreading to the side veins. We then found that our 120 year old healthy walnut tree was showing its newly emerging leaves in exactly the same state. However, none of the other shrubs or fruit trees in the garden seem to be affected. Can you explain what the problem is please?

A: I am not a trained arborist and cannot answer that question. I recommend you get an onsite inspection from a certified professional ASAP. Sudden death is often the result of herbicide contamination. Anyone been spraying around your trees in the past few weeks? Get it checked out. Best Nancy