Magnolia Tree Has Turned Brown Starting From Top

Question From: A. Deep - Wetumpka, Alabama, United States
Q: I live in Wetumpka, AL. We have two magnolia trees in our front yard have been planted about 20 feet apart from each other and have been there for 7-8 years and both have been and healthy until last year we started to have a problem with only one of them. As of last year one of the magnolia trees has turned brown at the top and slowly become more brown throughout the tree. All of the leaves on the top and middle of the tree are brown and hardly any leaves left. The thing that gives me hope is at the bottom of the tree are green leaves that are new. Can you please help me try to figure out what to do to save this tree. What is so weird the other that is only 20 feet apart is flourishing and healthy and beautiful!! I have attached pictures of both the sick tree and the healthy one. Any of your help would be mostly appreciated!!! thank you in advance!! Anne Deep
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A: Sad to say, and I am not a trained tree doctor, but your tree is dying. The growth at the bottom is it's attempt to save itself, but there are not enough leaves on the tree to produce enough food to feed itself and fertilizer won't help. Put it out of it's misery. Best Nancy