Magnolia Trees Have Lots Of Dead Limbs And Leaves Are Turning Yellow And Falling Off

Question From: V. Izzo - Kissimmee, Florida, United States
Q: I have 2 magnolia trees in my backyard. The leaves are turning yellow and falling off the tree. I recently put red mulch around trunk of trees. I also have alot of dead limbs that break off the tree. What do you think the problem is? Am I killing my trees with the mulch? Also what kind of fertilizer does magnolia trees use, I have never fertilizered them. Thank You...

A: The good news Victoria is the mulch is not killing the tree. I recommend you have a certified arborist, a trained tree doctor do an onsite insection. Your trees may have more than one problem. To find one in your are go to Holly Tone by Espoma would be a good choice. Do not over do - follow package directions. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy