Maple Tree In Clay Soil Has Limp Leaves And May Be Overwatered

Question From: CALIFORNIA
Q: Hello, What type of fertilizer should we use for our Red Maple tree? I'm sorry I don't know exactly type of Maple. We are in Winters, Ca...near Sacramento. The tree is about 3 years old and is struggling -leaves are limp, and non existent on some branches. Our soil is clay like and holds moisture. The soil around it is damp so we think maybe we have over watered it the last two years. Now we are going to water it less and try to fertilize it.
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A: Fertilizing is not recommended for trees that have been overwatered. Clay soil can be amended with compost to allow air to get to the roots. Be careful not to damage those roots. Moving the tree may be a better option. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy