Marigold And Daylilly Flowers Being Eaten

Question From: K. McPherson - Portsmouth, Virginia, United States
Q: I planted marigolds in the front yard and something ate the flowers off of them. I just planted daylilies and something ate the flowers but did not touch the foliage...No damage to the plant or the area around it. I do not see any slug or snail trails..matter of fact, I have never seen either one of them in my yard. We live in the city so we have no deer or rabbits. We don't have any dirt pushed up in the yard by moles or voles. Do you have any idea who is eating my daylilies?

A: Have you cheesed anyone off lately? Animals don't like marigolds and deer will eat the leaves of daylilies. You've stumped me. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy