Marigold Leaves Have Tiny White Spots And Lines And Lower Leaves Are Eaten

Question From: MISSOURI
Q: I have a bed of marigolds and have noticed tiny white spots and lines in my leaves and close to the ground the leaves are chewed to all most nothing I have read spider mites might be my problem I have looked under the leaves and if they are there I just cant see them I have also heard of sow bugs im confused I see a lot of people say to spray with soap water ?

A: Spider mites don't eat leaves they suck the juices out of them, leaving them looking bleached out. The leaves may be eaten by Slugs.They make holes in the leaves and flowers and feed at night and on cloudy days. Sow bugs rarely feed on live plants. A product called Sluggo or any Snail and Slug product that contains iron phosphate will work on these. Bonide and Bayer both make them. They are environmentally friendly. Best Nancy and HappyYardening