Marigold Leaves Turning Upside Down

Question From: A. Maldonado - New Paltz, New York, United States

Hello Nancy, I have 2 different kinds of Marigolds. I am growing them indoors and under lights. The lights are about 4 inches from their top leaf. One third down the plant is where the leaves are turning upside down. Both of them are having their leaves turning upside down. There are no pest on the plants. No visible signs of disease. No yellowing. No spots. They are very healthy looking. What is causing this?

A: Marigolds are annuals, meaning they flower, produce seeds and die in a single season. So your plants are running out of steam. Best Nancy and Happy Yarderning.

Comment: Hello Nancy, I should have put in the starting date of the plants first. I planted them both from seed. On Nov.14, 2013 they sprouted. They are just over 2 months old. One of them has flowered. They have never been outside of the house.

Response: Amaury, Your marigolds are not merry. They are suffering from lack of light. Seed packets recommend starting from seed 4 to 6 weeks prior to last frost. You jumped the gun big time my friend. I suggest you compost them and start again the first of April. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.