Marigolds Have Withered Back To Stems And Branches After Being Covered By White Powder

Question From: B. M - Bascom, Florida, United States
Q: Hi Nancy, my marigold plant is all barren now. It was full of leaves and lovely flowers but started withering sometime back. By the time i realised it was too late there was white powder in almost all areas of plant. I got a fungicide and cleared it but there are no leaves now only stem and branches. I keep watering them, it is two weeks now. Will my plants have leaves and bloom again? I have also mixed crushed egg shells in soil.

A: Cut it back to four inches in height and shorten the branches. If they are brown and crispy, the plant is toast. If the stems are alive, keep the soil moist and see what happens. You should see new growth in a week or so. Marigolds are inexpensive so if it were me, I'd replace it. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy