Mature Katsura Tree Has Small Branches And Leaves And Little Growth On One Side

Question From: E. Hofeld - Happy Valley, Oregon, United States
Q: We have a large old Katsura tree (approx 9" caliper and about 25' tall) that appears to be dying on the south side of the tree. It is planted on a side yard next to the driveway in full sun and gets watered daily from our sprinkler system that waters the lawn on that portion of the yard. However, it appears to be dying on the south side with small branches and leaves and little growth. I fed it this year with Bayer Tree & Shrub Protect & Feed with 1.6% slow release Urea Nitrogen, 0.4% Ammonia Nitrogen, 1.0% Phosphate, and 1.0% Soluble Potash. My wife thinks it is getting too much water and is rotting the trunk from within. We do not want to lose this tree and would appreciate whatever advice you can give.

A: My advice is to get an onsite inspection from a certified arborist. Your tree may have several issues and must be looked at to get an accurate diagnosis. To find a professional in your area go to and enter your zip code. Best Nancy